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What Prominent Former Lebanese Army Generals wrote about General Kanaan:

General El Khoury* Army General Victor El Khoury - Former Lebanese Army Commander in Chief
(5 November 2010: Handwritten version - Typed version)

* Major General Ahmed El-Hajj - Former Ambassador and General Director of Interior Security
(15 November 2009)

* Major General Mahmood Tai Abou Dargham - Former Lebanese Army Chief of Staff
(February 2010)
General Abou Dargham
* Brigadier General Michel Nassif - Former Aide de Camp to President Fouad Chehab, and Military Cabinet with President Elias Sarkis
(20 November 2009)

* Brigadier General Mohamad El Hajj - Former Commander of the Beirut Military Sector
(29 October 2009)

* Brigadier General Nizar Abd Al Kader - Former Commander of the Military School
(21 April 2010)