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Videos on General Khalil Kanaan - page 1
(Most footage is from the 1984-1986 period. Click one arrow at a time to view the corresponding clip)

Page 1 (9 videos): Various videos for the occasion of Gen. Kanaan's 25th Commemorative Year. See below
Page 2 (7 videos): Includes Gen. Kanaan with young officer Fran├žois El Hajj and a documentary on Gen. Kanaan aired by OTV in 2008.

A Pictorial tribute slideshow:

Parading soldiers and officers of the 5th Brigade:

The Commander:

With Army Martyrs' Children:

With Martyr Dany Chamoun at an Equestrian event:

With Army General Michel Aoun:

Respect to the Lebanese National Anthem:

Arriving at an Equestrian event:

Praised by Gen. Mohamad El Hajj: