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Tributes in His Honor

To honor General Kanaan's memory, the Army's Officers Club in Yerzi and the main street in Jdeidet-El Metn
are named after him.
The General Khalil Kanaan Prize of Academic Excellence is also awarded yearly at the NDU University.

The Army's Officers Club in Yerzi

The Officers' Club building in Yerzi was the headquarters of the 5th Brigade commanded by General Kanaan, at the time of his assassination. Few years earlier, he had personally initiated the buying by the Lebanese Army of this war-time neglected villa.

After his martyrdom, the Army converted the building into an Officers Club and named it after him ("Khalil Kanaan Building") to honor his memory.

In September 2011, on the 25th anniversary of his assassination, a statue was unveiled at the club under the patronage of Army Commander, General Kahwagi.

The entrance to the building

Marble Memorial wall plate, outside the club:
Summary of General Kanaan's career

The outside entrance

18 August 2008:
Special wheel-chairs for Army war-handicapped are offered at the club

The main street in Jdeidet-el-Metn

The main street in Jdeidet-el-Metn, General Kanaan's hometown, was named after him as a tribute to a cherished son and hero.

The "General Khalil Kanaan street" is the main road towards Al Fanar. It starts at the New Jdeideh round-about and ends at the Jdeidet El Metn's Court Palace, near the "Chalet Suisse".

The street starts from the New Jdeideh round-about

Towards The 'Chalet Suisse' and Al Fanar

Coming down from Al Fanar, the street starts
at the Jdeidet-El Metn's Court Palace round-about

The General Khalil Kanaan Prize of Academic Excellence - NDU University, Louaize

Each year, since 1996, the most distinguised graduating student at the Notre Dame University, Louaize (NDU) receives the General Khalil Kanaan Award for Academic Excellence.

The awards are presented to the winner by Mrs Mona Kanaan, General Kanaan's widow, during the yearly graduation ceremony event.

Awarded students since 1996:

Graduating Class 1996: Carla Fayez Ibrahim
Graduating Class 1997: Marie Elias Saba
Graduating Class 1998: Maroun Khalil Harika
Graduating Class 1999: Noelle Ibrahim Samia
Graduating Class 2000: Diala Michel El Khoury (See photo)
Graduating Class 2001: Mireille Jean Makhlouf
Graduating Class 2002: Sharon Sami Jabbour
Graduating Class 2003: Elias Raymond Daou
Graduating Class 2004: Layal Raymond Hajj
Graduating Class 2005: Georges Shawki Eid
Graduating Class 2006: Youssef Antoine Tawk
Graduating Class 2007: Elias Antoun Alwan
Graduating Class 2008: Emma Raja Shaffu
Graduating Class 2009: Sara Raymond Moukarzel
Graduating Class 2010: Ramzi Talal Bassil
Graduating Class 2011: Joan Farjo
Graduating Class 2012: Christina Andrea Issa Asfour
Mrs Kanaan presenting the award to the winner od the 2000 award, Diala El Khoury

The first award (1996) went to Carla Fayez Ibrahim